Full Length Reviews

Peter Kulesza, Maryland

The new diff is absolutely magnificent. Acceleration is much better, the spacing of 2, 3, 4 now makes driving a pleasure. Especially the 2 to 3; the car is flying! 6th gear turns about 3600 at 90 mph, so highway driving is fine as well. The power on engagement is very smooth. 40 to 60 degree turns in seconds are astonishing. A little bit of tire chirp, and the car just explodes out of the corners. Phenomenal. Much better than torque-bias diff, no comparison. Power off also seems very good. I tried to unsettle the car by stuffing 2 gear at 40 mph, no brakes, and dumping the clutch. Tires chirp, but the rear does not come out. Thank you for this excellent product. It puts smile on my face every time I drive.

Robert Chan, Shanghai

Through the streets it is a little on the wild side. Traction control doesn’t like when I punch it out of corners, but I love it so much! So off the traction control goes, then things really start getting fun. High speed entries result in very nice control through corners, going slower in it feels very much to be stock, although planting it on exit has me grinning again. I have found some rear end instability on hard straight line acceleration, especially at the higher rpm side of 2nd and 3rd. The back end just sways a little side to side, manageable, but unnerving for certain passengers! Managed to shave 3-5 seconds off my track time though, so something must be right! Overall very impressed, great service, great product.

Sean Costello, Georgia

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your excellent 3.64 limited slip differential. It was installed last Wednesday, and filled with Redline LSD gear oil with friction modifier. First, I want to compliment you on your honest, detailed advice and explanations. It truly was a pleasure trading emails and talking with you. With so much misinformation on the internet and elsewhere, it is a real pleasure to talk with a professional who knows this stuff backwards and forwards.

Chris Cochran, Florida

Ordered a 3:64 limited slip differential for my 2001 540ia with sport package. It was shipped when promised and packaged securely. Install took about 3.5 hours. After about 600 miles, the car is much more responsive and acceleration through the gears is much quicker. 60’ times measured with my Vericom are almost 2 tenths quicker. Car launches much harder with the limited slip. Subjectively, the car feels about 300 – 400 pounds lighter. Best news of all. The cruise control still works, despite warnings from some that it wouldn’t! Also, the new diff is just as quiet as the factory unit. All in all, one of my favorite mods to date from the standpoint of being able to feel the difference at all times.

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