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The Performance Gearing Guarantee

  • Limited Slip Final Drives

    Traction control is never an adequate substitute for the performance delivered by a limited slip final drive. Get every last bit of performance from your existing horsepower and torque. We offer this upgrade for all BMW models.

  • Hand Crafted Precision

    We stand behind every single limited slip differential we sell because they're individually crafted, not mass-produced. Our engineering artists will help create the driving experience you deserve!

  • 3 Year Warranty

    All Performance Gearing products are race proven to ensure reliability in the most demanding of situations. We are so confident we offer a best-in-the-business 3 year warranty with unlimited mileage.


Our numbers speak for themselves

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How the Performance Gearing Differential unleashes the true power of your BMW

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Both static and dynamic locks are configured independently for optimum performance in all driving situations #PerformanceGearing
The comprehensive Performance Gearing limited slip differential is more flexible than all competitors' differentials #PerormanceGearing


Quotes on our most popular differentials

  • E-Series
    $2,545 Starting At
    Models Available
  • Z-Series
    $2,625 Starting At
    Models Available

  • F-Series
    Coming Soon! Starting At
    F-Models will be available soon!


See what our customers around the world are saying about Performance Gearing differentials

"The new diff is absolutely magnificent. Acceleration is much better, the spacing of 2, 3, 4 now makes driving a pleasure. Especially the 2 to 3; the car is flying! 6th gear turns about 3600 at 90 mph, so highway...Read More"
- Peter Kulesza, Maryland

"Through the streets it is a little on the wild side. Traction control doesn't like when I punch it out of corners, but I love it so much! So off the traction control goes, then things really start getting fun. High speed entries result...Read More"
- Robert Chan, Shanghai

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on your excellent 3.64 limited slip differential. It was installed last Wednesday, and filled with Redline LSD gear oil with friction modifier. First, I want to compliment you on your...Read More"
- Sean Costello, Georgia

"Ordered a 3:64 limited slip differential for my 2001 540ia with sport package. It was shipped when promised and packaged securely. Install took about 3.5 hours. After about 600 miles, the car is much more responsive...Read More"
- Chris Cochran, Florida


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